What Is The Artisan Group?

The Artisan Group is an elite member organization of stone fabricators in North America. Its members offer customers some of the finest natural stone from the best sources around the globe.

Artisan Group members comprise some of the finest stone "Artisans" in the industry and are recognized as the most respected, technologically advanced stone and countertop fabricators in the business. Artisan Group members adhere to strict quality standards and employ the best, highly skilled craftspeople to ensure that every project and installation meets exacting standards and quality control.

The Artisan Stone Collection

All members of the Artisan Group carry the Artisan Stone Collection, a world-class line of natural stone choices to meet any lifestyle, decor and budget. The Artisan Stone Collection line of granite is the first and only stone in the industry to carry a Residential Lifetime Warranty, including stain protection and craftsmanship.

From classic to exotic and everything in between, every Artisan Group member provides its customers the most extensive array of color choices, styles and competitive pricing with the best warranty in the business.


By assembling the largest buying group of fabricators on the continent, Artisan Group members are able to secure the finest sources of raw countertop materials in the world. From Brazil to India and throughout North America, the Artisan Group relentlessly searches for the best granite, natural stone and wood available.

The Artisan Group collaborates with an array of stone inspectors around the globe that abide by rigorous Artisan Group quality standards. Every Artisan Group member has distinguished itself by becoming the very best source for stone surfacing craftsmanship in a particular geographic area, serving both residential and commercial customers.

Leading the Industry

Artisan Group members are highly recognized with regard to facility and equipment, business and trade practices, technical knowledge and expertise, quality control, safety, finance, ethics, customer service, education, advertising and promotion, and employee policies for training, advancement and discipline.

Every Artisan Group member is a solid, reputable business that operates in a responsible manner in compliance with OSHA standards and is dedicated to a quality product, quality installation and total customer satisfaction.

The Artisan Group is the first stone organization ever to achieve 100% Marble Institute of America Accreditation for all members.