Caring for Stone Countertops

Worried that stone countertops are difficult to take care of? Don't be! Common sense and a few simple steps will keep your counters looking great

Do clean up spills immediately
Use an absorbent cloth followed by Firstline Clean & Restore. Make sure to blot up any spills as soon as possible to make sure liquids do not penetrate your countertop's surface. Try not to leave spills sitting for long periods of time. Acidic liquids can dull the surface and in some cases, certain acidic foods and beverages can even etch the surface. Wipe up carbonated soft drink spills as soon as you can.
Do use trivets and cutting boards
Protect your countertops from excessive heat and wear by placing hot items on a trivet, not directly on the granite. Protect your fine cutlery by using a cutting board, not cutting directly on the granite.
Do use coasters and place mats
Your Artisan granite is an investment in your home. Like fine furniture it is to be treated with care. Protecting the surface from food and drink spills will maintain your counter's brand new appearance.
Do use Firstline Clean & Restore
Firstline Clean & Restore is the perfect daily cleaner for granite countertops and surrounding surfaces. It's a pH neutral cleaner with evaporative cleaning action and surfactants that leaves no residue, streaks or water spots. Firstline Clean & Restore's concentrated formula replenishes granite properties with every use to ensure the longevity of your countertops.
Don't use non-recommended cleaners
Do not use common household cleaners or bath and shower soap scum products due to the countless product formulations and chemical compositions in their mixtures. Do not use glass cleaners since these products contain chemicals that can dull or streak the surface. A lot of these products can contain solvents, ammonias and bleaches. Never formulate your own home-brewed concoctions. Combining strong cleaning products like bleach and ammonia can cause fumes and poisonous gases.
Don't use abrasive cleaners
Never use abrasive cleaners on your stone counters. Do not use dry cleansers, soft cleansers and scouring powders, as they can strip away your stone's natural shine and can cause dulling to the surface. Never use rough scouring pads, scrub brushes, wire brushes or steel wool to clean your counters or to remove stains.
Don't use acidic cleaners
Avoid using products with lemon-based or vinegar-based ingredients. As a general rule, you should avoid using acidic compounds that can harm the surface or dull the finish. Avoid cleaning your countertop surface with strong chemicals and solvents such as nail polish remover, furniture cleaners or paint strippers.
Don't worry
With very simple daily cleaning and the use of trivets, cutting boards and place mats, your countertops will maintain their original beauty for many years.