Staron Solid Surface

Staron allows nearly any design idea to flourish. Available in more than 100 colors and patterns, Staron can be easily fabricated to create nearly any shape.

Staron, the interior material with various colors and patterns can be processed in a curved, seamless shape and is easy to maintain which allows creative designs. It has covered the disadvantages of natural marble, such as contaminant, lack of workability and limited colors, and is known as eco-friendly interior materials as it is non-porous. Staron's collections are Tempest, the transparent solid surface, and Supreme collection, known for its natural patterns.


Tempest, a transparent solid surface

Tempest puts together the elegant patterns of natural stone, the excellent durability and workability of solid surface in a way that exhibits diamond-like transparencies and the brilliance of precious metals. The splendor of chips reflecting light enhances the elegance of the space.


Supreme collection, a showcase of natural patterns

Supreme collection, the solid surface contains flowing patterns and trendy colors. Its natural rhythmic patterns were inspired by the nature itself, and was born as contemporary design. As Staron's eco-friendly technology met with solid surface product's great workability, Supreme collection makes your space even more special.

Reliable Management
  • Excellent product management by professionals
  • 10 years of warranty that assures its quality
  • Stable product, certified in various fields including SCS eco-friendly certification
Great Sanitation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Non-porous material suppresses molds and germs
  • Chemical resistance
Outstanding Product Quality
  • Can be processed in 3D with more accuracy
  • Light but durable to scratches and high-impact
  • Smooth, seamless workability
Various Colors And Patterns
  • About 150 kinds of various colors from natural patterns to vivid colors
  • Color consulted with world's famous color trend professionals
Various Designs
  • Able to maximize the effect of light by controlling its thickness and transparency
  • Able to express designers' imagination with its free workability on its curved surface